Current Projects

IAB Vacancy Scan

On behalf of the Research Institute of the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit), we conduct a large-scale representative survey to determine the job vacancies in Germany. A total of 12,000 to 14,000 companies and public authorities are surveyed Germany from all sectors, regions and types of company. The survey has been conducted regularly in the fourth quarter of each year. It examines the size, development and structure of labour demand in Germany.

Since 2006, job vacancies have been surveyed quarterly, with a limited sample for each quarter. The telephone survey of companies has been conducted by T.I.P. BIEHL & PARTNER since 2022.

The results are included in the job vacancy statistics of the European Statistical Office EUROSTAT.

ETF Statistical Support

For the European Training Foundation, Economics & Data is responsible for the development of data collections, the implementation of such indicator collections and the analysis in several projects. Among other things, data on macroeconomic, labour market, education and population development are compiled. It is based on national and international data from statistical offices, employment agencies and administrative sources.

Cedefop Prognose

Cedefop’s forecasting model produces new forecasts every two years at the level of EU Member States. These forecasts on skills and occupations are based on a methodology that has been developed in the course of several projects since 2007. The project ist zur Zeit unter Leitung von Cambridge Econometrics und wird mit unserer Beteiligung durchgeführt. is currently led by Cambridge Econometrics and is carried out with our participation.

Bertelsmann Foundation - KiTa

A forecasting model was developed as part of the Bertelsmann Foundation’s Early Childhood Education project. The forecast is intended to provide indicators of the labour market in early childhood education systems, and for regional monitoring. The indicators and data are regularly updated, and new scenarios are developed.