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ED23 GmbH

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Economics & Data

We are an economics and social policy consulting company providing policy-oriented research services to both international and national organisations. We develop labour market and education monitoring tools, supporting clients in collecting and analysing both quantitative and qualitative data, and in developing surveys.


Empirical information constitutes the basis of our work. We gather information through representative surveys, case studies, econometric analysis, and labour market forecasts.


Methods and statistical indicators we developed have been used for years in economic and labour market policy.


We have worked with data from international sources (ILO, OECD, the World Bank), national statistical offices, microdata, and administrative or big data.


Our team members have over 20 years of experience in empirical data analysis, labour market information and skills governance.


The Economics & Data ED23 GmbH is the successor organisation of the quantitative part of Economix Research & Consulting Partnership, which was split up in 2023 into a qualitative part, Economix Research & Consulting Nicola Düll Beratende Volkswirtin (WWW) and a quantitative part, the Economics & Data ED23 GmbH. In this new company, we continue the quantitative projects with an experienced team of employees, such as the IAB job survey, the labour market forecasts (Cedefop, Bertelsmann Foundation) and the statistical support work for the European Training Foundation (ETF Turin). While we will be separate legal entities in the future, we will continue to work together wherever the combination of quantitative and qualitative work is needed.

Our research profile focuses on the long-term and structural development of labour markets and related employment, social, and education policies. Our quantitative analyses and forecasts are carried out in an economic, social, and institutional context. The research projects often have an international and comparative context.


We have a wide network of partners. For surveys in Germany, especially computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI), we usually work with T.I.P. in Trier, our partner in the IAB job survey. Internationally, we have a wide range of partners who complement our expertise. We have a long-standing relationship with Cambridge Econometrics, which enables us to undertake major projects such as the European Skills Forecast. With the IER, we collaborate on many projects in labour market information and skills. Panteia has been a partner in several European projects. We have provided expertise and experts to organisations such as FGB, Transtec, ICF and EOND within their larger framework contracts. We have cooperated with many national experts in different countries on whom we can fall back when needed.


With our expertise, we usually have clients from the public sphere: ministries, international organisations, and also foundations. We have worked for organisations of the European Union (DG Employment, European Training Foundation, Cedefop), ILO, UNESCO, OECD, the Bertelsmann Foundation, and ministries in several countries. We have worked on projects in Europe, the EU partner countries (Balkan countries, Turkey, SEMED, Eastern Partnership), the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Asia within our expertise.

European Union (DG Employment) European Training Foundation Cedefop International Labour Organization (ILO) UNESCO Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Bertelsmann Stiftung